Protests and complaints in front of the Mar del Plata casino: can the problem be solved?

Written by: Greg Wright
Last update: Jul 27, 2023

During the long weekend due to Easter week, a series of protests took place in front of the Mar del Plata casino. Those involved in this were people who are part of Sitaclar, who claim that these facilities are experiencing irregularities with a mismanagement of categorization and incorporation that comes from the authorities.

Among the requests that were heard that day from this group of protesters, a thorough investigation of the events is demanded, and attention is requested to such a complaint so that action is taken.

All of the above took place at Avenida Patricio Peralta Ramos 2148 from the Spa City.

What does the casino say about these events?

In view of what is happening, on behalf of the National Casino Employees Association and the AMS, they spoke out denying all accusations. They stated to the authorities that they were operating normally and continuing to fulfill their duties at this establishment.

In fact, they made it clear that everything that was happening outside their facilities had nothing to do with the reality of the casino. And they expressed their dissatisfaction with the accusations, as they are taking advantage of a vulnerable sector of that city to hinder their fellow workers.

Emphasizing that there were not even 10 casino employees participating in this activity. On the other hand, they also highlighted that all of this is generating a high economic loss in the province. And they assured that they pretend to be a union, but they only seek money from the workers.

Operations against insecurity

On the same day as these events, the police carried out an operation to control the passengers traveling through Mar del Plata. The individuals involved were scattered throughout the city, inspecting buses and checking both documents and belongings.

All this because there was a mass arrival of tourists, occupying at least 80% of the available hotels in the city. Another reason they did this was that after the La Matanza match, a bus was shot and killed.

This fact caused serious consequences, as at that very moment the deceased's colleagues became violent and started attacking. They caused a complaint for this, and even were arrested for a short period of time.

After those events, an emergency request was made to reinforce the city's security. So, in a hurry, it was demanded that these devices be installed inside the buses in order to have a view of everything that happens during the day.

So, in the coming days the governor will have meetings to discuss the issue with the relevant authorities. Will this be the solution that Mar del Plata needs to stabilize and eliminate crime?

Written by:
Greg Wright
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