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We aim to bring the best information on choosing the perfect injections for your needs, we give a break down of what the hcg diet is and why injections are the most popular way of getting your HCG.

Do They Work?

What is an HCG Injection? How does it work? We cover all the basics in our articles.

HCG Recipes

The perfect recipes for your HCG diet.
Being on a diet doesn't have to mean giving up on eating well!

Weight Control

Learn how to control your weight with HCG and the world of dieting, health, well being and much more.

Things to look out for when choosing a hCG supplier:

  • Where is the hCG sourced from – is it from a licensed pharmacy?
  • Are all mixing supplies included; syringes, bacteriostatic water etc.
  • Do they provide after sales support or any kind of tele-med consultation
  • Do they offer any included instructions or guides – ideal for beginners.