The Eternal Struggle for the Ideal Weight

Everyone strives for their ideal weight, but what actually is “the ideal weight”? First of all: There is no absolute ideal weight. This is a very vague term, the content of which is probably defined differently by everyone. A physician would not tolerate excess weight that is harmful to organisms, but neither would they tolerate a fashionable “drought”. In contrast, society sees the ideal weight predominantly as what the broad media present to us as the “ideal weight”.

As is so often the case, the truth lies somewhere in between. The personal ideal weight is primarily a comfortable weight (but stay realistic and don’t try to fool yourself). Often this feel-good weight is somewhere in the medical, healthy range, ie the family doctor would not necessarily roll his eyes.

The ideal societal weight (stylized by the media), on the other hand, is far from reality, the men mostly slim and muscular (who has the time to toil all day in the gym) and the women mostly even slimmer without a gram of fat (apart from that that it’s not healthy and doesn’t look really nice either).

Basically everyone should aim for and maintain their personal (and honest) feel-good weight. Also means from now on the fight for the “social” ideal weight to give up, it leads to nothing, except frustration (because the goals are extremely high), yo-yo effect (because a “normal” citizen who has to go about his daily work, of course not that either Time has to follow a necessary “TopModel” fitness diet program) and health problems.

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