The 5 Trending Diets

Would you like to lose a few pounds again? These diets are all the rage right now:

The Dukan Diet
Came to Hollywood from France, where stars like Gisèle Bündchen and Jennifer Lopez successfully tried out the new trend. The nutritional concept was developed by the French doctor Dr. Pierre Dukan, it is said to have made 5 million French women leaner in the last decade. Hollywood brought about the worldwide breakthrough of the diet, which prescribes a diet low in calories with almost no fat and carbohydrates. Protein is in the foreground, especially in the first phase of the 4-phase principle. Dietary fiber in the form of bran supports the intestines, in the second phase vegetables are added, in the third phase there are more carbohydrates and additional fruit. The diet ends in the stabilization phase, which should be maintained forever.

Those who persevere will certainly lose weight, but temporarily avoiding fruit and vegetables is seen as problematic. Too many substances that the body needs fall by the wayside, also because of the recommendation to consume extremely low-fat dairy products (which often contain problematic additives), this diet was even classified as hazardous to health by the competent authority in France.

The New York Diet
The protein diet or New York diet is also popular in Hollywood, this nutritional model from diet pope David Kirsch is said to be responsible for Heidi Klum’s incredible appearance as a lingerie model two months after the birth of her child. There are lots of eggs here in the morning (only the egg white), and at noon protein-rich meat and vegetables. Twice a day, a protein shake and a handful of almonds provide an additional protein portion. Here, too, both the carbohydrate content and the fat are drastically reduced, the increased protein intake is supposed to build muscles and improve satiety.

Whether this will work is doubtful, because the total number of calories can only be described as extremely low, which usually only allows heroes to persevere. Nutritionists recommend avoiding the protein shakes, which make it harder to stick it out. A protein-rich diet, in which low-fat and low-sugar foods such as yogurt, fish, poultry, lean cheeses and legumes are consumed, can also shed the pounds without shakes or slimming products.

The gluten diet
The latest diet trend from Hollywood now brings the gluten-free diet, so you should completely avoid all dishes that contain gluten. Gluten is the gluten from flour, so it is found in all products that are made from flour. These are not only bread, cakes and pasta, but also ready meals, cereals and many other foods. The gluten diet is therefore very similar to the well-known low-carb diet, because those who avoid bread and pasta do not eat carbohydrates.

Even if stars like Anne Hathaway and Gwyneth Paltrow swear by the gluten diet: It can cause deficiency symptoms, in addition to iron deficiency, a deficiency in vitamin D and vitamin K. Critics also doubt that it is morally correct to get out of an illness (people with celiac disease tolerate no gluten) to develop a trend diet. You will hardly lose weight if you simply replace pasta with rice or potatoes, gluten-free fruits and vegetables are recommended for every diet.

Low-calorie diet, exercise and exercise
Diets that combine sensible low-calorie nutrition with exercise and relaxation are still in vogue. Like the Fit-for-Fun Diet, which gives those who want to lose weight a 7-day recipe plan to initiate a change in diet towards a diet rich in fruit, vegetables, salads, herbs and nuts. Healthy fats from valuable oils and lots of fish are supplemented by filling carbohydrates, for example from grain. The diet plan is supplemented by many tips on all aspects of exercise and proper relaxation. The Weight Watchers diets and the suggestions of various women’s magazines, such as Brigitte, are based on a similar concept.

In the opinion of the experts, such diets have the most favorable prognosis for success because enough variety makes it easier to persevere and sport also ensures an increased basal metabolic rate.

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