Healthy Eating

The fast food generation has its advantages: Meals are eaten quickly during hectic everyday life and burgers and co. Taste good thanks to a lot of fat.

But fast food and ready-made meals have little in common with a healthy diet.

A healthy diet does not only mean eating healthy foods, but also eating a balanced diet, which means something like: The same thing should not be on the table every day.

A healthy diet includes protein , carbohydrates , vitamins and loads of fiber . Carbohydrates are always referred to as the “bad enemy” in many diets , but carbohydrates are also important and healthy. You have to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy carbohydrates.

Healthy carbohydrates can be found in whole grain products, for example, which not only provide a lot of energy, but also keep you full for a long time. Unhealthy carbohydrates in the form of sugar or white flour, which is then converted into sugar in the body, give you energy quickly, but it doesn’t last long.

Whole grains instead of wheat are therefore a good start when it comes to striving for a healthy diet. Fruit and vegetables are of course always recommended, but should not be consumed in the evening. In the evening, the body can no longer digest vegetables, lettuce or fruit, everything that was ingested then ferments in the stomach and inhibits good digestion.

It is better to consume protein in the form of dairy products such as yogurt or cheese in the evening. Protein in the evening promotes fat burning overnight.
Adequate fluid intake also plays an important role in a healthy diet.

Sugary drinks should be left out of a healthy diet. Water or tea are better, but coffee is not objectionable either. Enjoyed in moderation, it even stimulates digestion and thus ensures greater well-being.
If you don’t want to do without the beloved sweets, you also have healthier alternatives. For example, dark chocolate has less sugar than regular milk chocolate. And rice crackers contain less fat than potato chips.

Eating healthy is easier than most people think. The excuses that healthy foods are too expensive or take too long to prepare are not realistic once you’ve tried them. Being healthy also means taking time to eat and staying full in the long term. And that doesn’t work with pizza, frenchfries and burgers.

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