HCG Diet Thoughts and Results

Have you ever been on a diet and reached a plateau before it was over? Or did you think it wasn’t working for you and just wanted to stop? Word to the Wise: You didn’t gain the weight overnight, so you are not going to lose it overnight. Also, don’t surround yourself with people who are naysayers and are not taking any steps to shed those unwanted pounds they are carrying around.

What do you do if you are on the HCG Diet and have decided you want to get off of it early? Is it possible or should you keep on plugging away it and push yourself to get to the end? Think back to the last time you did a diet. hcg-shotsWhat happened when you stopped? Did your eating habits return to its norm? Did you gain back all the weight you had lost? Did you regret having even started that diet since you didn’t go all the way?

Consequences of Stopping HCG Diet

For the person who is doing the HCG injections, if you do not go all the way to 23 injections then you stand as a strong chance of gaining the weight back. Based on how this diet is designed from phase to phase, the people who stop it early and don’t prepare their bodies could gain the weight back due to not following the regimen all the way through.

If you research stopping the HCG diet on the internet, you will come across some stories where people stopped it early and begin gaining the weight back at a rather quick pace which upset them. What they soon discovered was this was due to their body feeling as if it had previously been starved. So when people go from a 500 calorie intake per day to 1500 or 2000, the weight seems to jump on their bodies. This alone can make a person feel as if it was not even worth the time they did spend on the diet.

Before you take the leap and start this diet, make sure you have the willpower to see it through until the end. Just like anything else you could always be presented with some challenges when you are trying to lose weight. Some days you will feel as if, that monkey is on your back saying cheat on the diet. No one will no. Well, you will know and what is the price you will pay for cheating?

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