Free to Strawberry

I know you love summer, which in addition to the sun and holidays comes with a lot of fresh and fragrant fruits.
Because we are in high season, today I urge you to eat strawberries as much as possible. During this period you can trust that they are from Romania, and those you have in the garden are the luckiest.
Besides the special aroma and delicious taste, strawberries are also very good for our health.

Low calories
We all run away from calories and here we are with the strawberries that we can consume in large quantities without fear. Moreover, ticks contain anthocyanin which helps burn fat.

Shiny skin
Because strawberries contain a lot of vitamins, they have an increased efficiency in terms of skin health. Moreover, a serving of strawberries contains 50% of the necessary vitamin C, and vitamin C improves the production of collagen which gives the skin elasticity.

Revitalized organism
Due to its high potassium content, strawberries also help in revitalizing the body, regulating blood circulation and more than that they are powerful antioxidants.

How is it consumed?
These are just a few reasons why you can eat strawberries without problems, but it is also very important how you eat them. I know it sounds crazy, but I recommend you eat fruit ONLY on an empty stomach (in another article I will explain why), but until then I tell you very briefly – Fruits digest very quickly, and if the stomach is full, they do not they can digest and produce acidic environment, unfavorable to our body.

How do I consume them?
First of all ONLY in the morning on an empty stomach .

Go or in combination with other fruits
In the form of smoothies : strawberries, vegetable milk or water, bananas, apples, pineapples or whatever fruit I have and put a tablespoon of protein smoothie.
Strawberry mousse , only my mousse is sugar-free (I never combine fruit with sugar)
Ice cream homemade
Enzymatic water : put a few sliced ​​strawberries with mint and lemon juice in a carafe of water and drink all day. In this way I also drink the necessary amount of water, it is full of enzymes, healthy and delicious.

How do you prefer the bushes?

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